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"The Pariahs"

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A Short, Turbulent History of The Pariahs

par'iah, n. Member of a low caste; (fig.) social outcast; ~-dog, yellow vagabond dog of low breed in India. - The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

One astute music scribe called them "a loud, sweaty, beer-spilling experience" while another likened them to that scene in Dazed and Confused in which drunken kids drove around a small Texas town throwing bowling balls through people's windshields. They've survived grunge, metal, punk and guitar pop by remaining largely oblivious to them while having just a wee bit in common with all of them. They worship at the temple of Steeltown-bred bar bands but their souls wear jean jackets with AC/DC scrawled on the back in magic marker. One has lost teeth in an onstage collision, another has lost fingers on a table saw and yet another has twice been mistaken for a homeless person.

The Pariahs came together in Kingston in 1989 and moved to Toronto two years later. Then somebody left and John joined. Then somebody else left and Staci joined. The ensuing years have seen them share stages with a veritable who's who of the Canadian music scene (as well as an ever-increasing list of other wasters, luminaries and legends to be) including the likes of The Headstones, The Tragically Hip, Therapy?, Junkhouse, The Deftones, Forgotten Rebels, Elevator, The Sinisters, The Guess Who, Rusty, Teenage Head and The Ramones. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, THE FUCKIN' RAMONES! 1995 saw the release of The Pariahs' debut album Home is Where You Hang Yourself (title cribbed from Mordecai Richler); their sophomore effort Mouthful of Headache was released in January of 2000.

The Pariahs have long since earned props in the Toronto indie community for their eccentric marriage of punk energy and arena-rock histrionics, and their affiliation with cool-as-fuck indie label Fading Ways has made their albums available across Canada and Europe.

Their most recent recording, the inexplicably self-titled "The Pariahs" album, shows categorically that this band of stalwarts continues to rock harder and faster – even as their veteran status proceeds towards certain senility. Two tours of the UK followed the album release, one as part of the FW UK "Canadian Invasion" tour and the other a co-headlining tour with Sweden's Diamond Dogs.

This past year, the Pariahs welcomed a new edition in bassist Sean Beresford. Sean has adapted to his miscreant band mates with disturbing ease, and will help them celebrate their 20th anniversary with two gigs at Toronto's Bovine Sex Club this October. This auspicious occasion will be followed by the release of the band's fifth cd in 2008. The disc is sure to feature all the ballsy, old-school rock n roll you've come to expect of the Pariahs.

In what some consider to be a minor miracle, the Pariahs have thus far managed to refrain from killing each other. You, however, might not be so lucky. They're The Pariahs. They're not going away.

Sorta like herpes, only louder.

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